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Problems are holding back your business potential?

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Hidden costs are killing your profit

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Focusing on solving problems that don’t ​impact the bottom line

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Wearing many hats is sucking up your ​valuable time and energy

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Operating your business is getting very ​expensive

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Finding little or the incorrect support for ​your business problems

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Lack of expertise is proving to be very ​costly and is holding you back

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A misaligned or missing strategic plan

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Non-productive sales and marketing ​efforts

We can help you reach your goals!

With proper guidance you can professionalize your business

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Develop a strategy for marketing ​positioning and growth. Create a ​route for your company to reach ​new heights. Ignite creativity and ​cultivate collaboration.

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Reduce Costs

Achieve cost reduction through ​cost identification and actions to ​enhance your processes


Boost Revenues

Discover your brand proposition ​and product revenues. Focus on ​actions to enhance revenue.

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Solve Problems

Focus on the key problems that ​your company needs to tackle to ​thrive. Develop solutions and ​implement them.

We provide the right solutions to scale ​your business

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1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

The 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching service provides ​personalized guidance and support tailored to your ​unique goals and challenges. With direct access to ​experienced mentors and coaches, you will unlock ​their potential, refine their strategies, and achieve ​accelerated personal and professional growth.

Transform your vision into reality with dedicated, one-​on-one support.

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Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions offers bespoke solutions that ​address the specific challenges and opportunities of ​your business. Leveraging in-depth analysis and ​industry expertise, our personalized approach ​ensures strategies that drive growth, enhance ​operational efficiency, and foster innovation.

Elevate your business with customized insights and ​actionable plans.

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Group Coaching, Mentoring & ​Training

The Group Coaching, Mentoring & Training Programs ​offer a collaborative and dynamic environment where ​participants engage with peers and experts to ​accelerate personal and professional growth. ​Through targeted coaching sessions, mentorship ​opportunities, and specialized training, individuals will ​enhance their skills, expand their networks, and ​unlock new levels of achievement. Empower your ​journey with collective wisdom and actionable ​insights.

Meet part of our teams of experts

We boast a diverse and experienced team of experts who are ​passionate about helping companies succeed.

Nancy M. Pérez

Nancy is a serial entrepreneur with vast consulting experience helping companies thrive. She brings to the table experience in strategy, organizational design, and project management.

Carlos Solis

Carlos is a business image expert, growth strategist, and skilled project manager who drives transformative change. With expertise in branding, PMO, and strategic planning, he optimizes operations and fosters innovation.

We follow a simple yet powerful path

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Schedule the Call

On the call, we’ll focus on getting toknow ​you and your business, understanding your ​goals, and opportunities.

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Receive your ​customized report

We provide a report of our assessment highlighting opportunities and recommending solutions.

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Start your path

to transformation

We work together with you to draw out ​a plan to transform your business.

Building a business is a tough challenge ​but you are not alone

Building a business can be tough, especially if you're a minority owner facing unique challenges. There's a lot to figure out - like making a strategic plan, crafting a marketing message, nailing your sales pitch, managing operations, executing processes, handling human resources, and keeping track of your cash flow and finances. It's a lot to juggle, and it's no surprise that many small business owners struggle or even fail.

We can be your partner and guide you through the process, so your business not only survives but thrives.

Working with Build It Up is simple. We'll start with a call where we'll get to know your business, go over your goals, and biggest problems. Then, we'll provide our feedback on how your business is doing right now and create a customized plan to fix any issues and boost your revenue and profits.

We've been there. Without help you might end up making costly mistakes that could waste a lot of your time and effort. But with us, you'll have a partner who will provide experience, knowledge, and insight.

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